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Due to its versatility, nitrogen use is becoming increasingly popular in a number of industries including plastic moulding, chemical, food and beverages and packaging. The key benefit of having an industrial nitrogen generator on-site is cost; up to 40% savings can be made when compared to buying nitrogen cylinders.

Our team of engineers can arrange an initial consultation to help determine the recommended solution for your on-site nitrogen requirements. They will then offer professional, practical advice to ensure you are confident in your choice of nitrogen system.


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Dependent on purity, flow rate and a number of other considerations, there are many options when supplying nitrogen. The indicative optimal supply options for nitrogen generators are shown below.

  • 最佳纯度范围:90%至99.0%
  • 最佳流速:1-600Nm³/ h
  • 相对于供应商提供的液体,成本优势:高达50%

Membrane nitrogen separation became commercially available in the early 1980s. It is the most robust of the nitrogen separation technologies. Compared to Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, membranes use more energy, but have lower maintenance costs. Membranes are best suited for purities up to approximately 99%, and nitrogen demand of up to around 600 Nm³/hr.


  • 范围纯度:99%至99.995%
  • 流量:1-1000Nm³/ h
  • 相对于供应商提供的液体,成本优势:高达50%


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